Every car enthusiast will have a list of favourite cars that they hope to someday get their hands on. All these lists often have in common some beautiful, vintage vehicles that are classic and have been beloved by car lovers since time immemorial. These are cars that are iconic, museum quality and have earned an important place in automotive history. In this article, we have explored some of these vintage beauties that have never lost their charm and probably never will.

In the words of Enzo Ferrari, the Jaguar E-Type or ‘the most beautiful car ever made’ is a staple force in Britain’s automobile history and is now a timeless classic. The sports car can go up to 150 mph and brakes much better than most cars of its time. The three times Le Mans winner, the E type has remained in production till the mid-seventies, mainly because it was constantly revised on the inside to keep up with the times while leaving its exterior elegant appearance just the way it was. This means the car has managed to keep up with the years while still remaining as gorgeous as it was when first introduced.

2: PORSCHE 911:
 The successor to the world famous 356, the 911 is perhaps Porsche’s most popular and powerful evolution. An amazingly well-designed machine, the Porsche 911 initially had a 2.0 engine, and just 130 bhp as opposed to the current models with over 500 plus bhp. Despite this, the 911 still had about 50 % more power than the 356 and was hence quite powerful for its time.


Considered by many as ‘the sexiest car ever made’, the Miura made its appearance in 1966 in an attempt to challenge Ferrari. A sleek and speedy vehicle, with its powerful engines, the Miura changes a driving experience to an experience of a lifetime.


Classy, sleek and fast, it is no wonder that the Ashton Martin DB was James Bond’s chosen car for countless number of 007 movies. It was, however, not just the movies that have made this the most famous car in the world. Its luxurious seating, electric windows, wood pile carpets and a glorious combination of British engineering and Italian styling have all added to the Ashton Martin’s fame.

The Rolls Royce Dawn Drophead was launched in 1949 to mark a new dawn for the world after the war and also Rolls Royce’s place in this new world. They were slightly smaller than pre-war cars and brilliantly showcased the carmaker’s exquisite motoring craftsmanship. The car’s production came to an end in 1954 and today these are extremely rare to find, with only three of the original model in existence, owned by some private car collectors in the US.